How to write a book or film the easy way – hire a ghostwriter!

Everyone has a story to tell. Writing a book or film screenplay appears high on many people’s lists of things they want to do before they die. Why is this? And how can a ghost writer help?
Writing takes a lot of time, patience, dedication, research… blood, sweat and tears! As Hemingway once said, ‘There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.‘ Writing requires an understanding or intuitive knowing of narrative flow, and how to structure a story, which are skills you may simply not have the time to develop.

This doesn’t mean that writing or authorship is an arcane or elitist craft – as history has shown: great writers and storytellers have come from all backgrounds and walks of life. If nothing else, it requires one to embrace the page when they are being drawn to it – and to stay there, and this is the trick and where most quit. Writing is rarely a quick or easy process, and although many writers have achieved great things, a far higher number of worthy and important stories never get told because the would-be author ‘never stuck to it.’
Enter the ghost writer. A ghostwriter is a professional writer who writes for the love of their craft – rather than for fame or because they want the world to hear their own story. Many people hire a ghost writer because they have a story they feel needs to be told – whether or not they intend to earn money from their story – but don’t have the time or technical writing ability to write it themselves.
Some ghost writers specialise in a particular field of ghost writing while some are confident to work across a broad spectrum of prose – able to turn their hand to anything from the autobiography to the novel and film script. If you’re asking ‘who can write my story?’ the chances are that there is someone who will be able to do it. Choosing the right ghost writer however is essential and I would encourage you not to rush your selection.
With such an intimate process as writing a book, you will need to find someone who is willing to work with you to build a bond of trust. A good ghost writer will meet or be in contact with you frequently while on the job, in order to ensure the story that you are telling is authentic and conveys the right voice as well as the message.
Of course, as well as people looking to hire a ghost writer to write for them, this blog is for people asking ‘how do I become a ghost writer?’ So I will also be sharing tips and tricks, helping to teach the capable writer out there to make a living, by helping others to tell their stories.
Whether you’re looking to hire a ghost writer based in the UK to work on your autobiography, film script, true-life story or novel, or if you’re interested in getting into ghost writing, please bookmark this page, or follow us on Twitter @ghostwriter_uk to follow our updates.
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