10 Reasons

The following 10 Reasons state why The London Ghostwriting Company exists, why this company means something and why as a company, it will continue to play a significant role in the publishing world as we know it.

1. We bridge the gap between an idea and the customer by co-operating in a bespoke way with key departments in the media supply chain. We are not just a service to provide a client with a manuscript. Our intention is maximum benefit for the most people through broad, focused and creative thinking.

2. The publishing world is changing. A golden age for writers, agents, sellers and the printers has now arrived where author services are changing systems of distribution. Old structures are re-forming, new ones are manifesting. Everyone who is participating is changing positions to accommodate this new era. The London Ghostwriting Company has moved into this future with its finger on the pulse as we bring story ideas forward in new ways. We move with the times and with our clients.

3. The bringing forth of something useful and of potential into the material world is both an honour and a duty. We aim for high level discourse, quality writing, the pursuit of truth through story and working with people, and for them. This includes all people-places-things related to the collaboration so we manage projects in a way that supports the author, our own team, the company itself and the customer.

4. As creative spirits, we are bound as if by duty to bring forward useful things. This is craft. Creative production provides cohesion to the psyche and positive feedback to a person. This generates a deep and strong satisfaction both chemically and psychically. To have made something useful in a definitive material form is the full package and an achievement and is demonstrative of the human faculty. It is a real live demo of the thing that separates us from all other things. The ‘thing’ is story and we are here to bring it up and through. Everything is story: science, evolution, the concept of countries, worlds, Gods, universes. All is story.

5. The creative process is in itself mythological. As such, the mythos contained within a person’s blueprint begins to manifest itself via narrative, character and theme. To observe this phenomenal happening is quite an awakening and strengthening journey that develops a person’s character in the same way a mountain climber becomes stronger as he steps. The journey becomes harder, but he becomes more resilient, conditioned, humble, wise and awake.

6. Characters, worlds, different realities, these are all outlets for us to channel contained energy that can be used. In this sense we are alchemists. All energy does is change form. JK Rowling channelled the grief she faced after her mother died to manifest Harry. This is what we are meant to do with emotions (energy in motion).

7. All people are a little creative but people who are predominantly creative must find locations to print their imaginations. If they don’t do this, they will ruminate in their own imaginations, go mad and go to waste! It’s not about dreaming, it is about animating the dream. Do this, move onto your next venture and you will have left footprints for others to follow, signs, signature, significance.

8. Locked into the intellectual critic, and the professional bystander, a person becomes a decadent intellectual. Avoid this trap of becoming an expert student. Create and learn in balance. Don’t lock in to any rigid holding pattern that the intellectual mind desires. The creative process itself is where it’s at and the movement of the creative energy is as Dylan Thomas said, The force that through the green fuse drives the flower.

9. To leave behind a body of work that you saw an end to. This is a worthy life to have led and to have brought the illusion into form and see it is worth walking the long road.

10. Co-operation with others as we move toward common goals is how we form relationships. This is participation and real trade. To work with one another in the pursuit of something worthwhile is to experience relationships in a profound way that people yearn for. To do this creatively is memorable. In fact, there is nothing else quite so meaningful.