Ghost writing is a method of collaboration used to create written material that would not have been made possible without the recruitment of a professional writer/author. This written material normally takes the form of a book, which has subsequently been created largely by someone who is un-credited.

Although a person would normally employ a ghostwriter to help them write their book, there are no restrictions to what can be ghostwritten, to include film screenplay, stage plays, letter writing, musical compositions, and essays.

A ghostwriter is a form of writing occupation. Someone who is a professional writer and un-credited as the author can consider themselves as having been ghostwriter on said book.

Ghostwriting_pic_5Our writers have worked on a wide range of books as a ‘ghostwriter for hire’ or as a novelist/co-author. Throughout this website, you can learn about the services we offer collectively.

The Ghostwriting FAQ has been developed to cover the majority of questions we have received over the years. With over 70,000 hits to this web-site, and in turn – many enquiries, we have developed a thorough understanding concerning the process of ghostwriting a book, and the FAQ has been written to service the questions you will have if you have read this far.

* The use of the word ghostwriter and ghostwriting can often be used as a loose search term when collaboration and co-authoring is the preferred orientation of a relationship for a project.
* There is no difference between a ghostwriter and a ghost writer. Ghostwriting and ghost writing are interchangeable and can be used inconsistently.