Ghostwriter FAQ

The Ghostwriting FAQ has been developed to cover the majority of questions we have received over the years. With over 90,000 hits to this web-site, and in turn – many enquiries, we have developed a thorough understanding concerning the process.

Ghostwriting_pic_5What is a ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter (or ‘ghost writer’) is someone you can hire to write a book or screenplay in an undisclosed fashion. Professional ghostwriters (‘ghost writers’) in the publishing industry are writers who write books for authors in this way but a ghostwriter can also work for members of the public on their private projects. Some of these collaborations produce the best results.

Although they are normally invisible, there are also collaborative authoring options and sometimes a ghostwriter will feature as co-author. This collaborative co-author approach is often the best choice for certain books and can increase the chances of a book being published. Therefore acknowledging the ghostwriter through the use of ‘and’ or ‘with’ can be an authors preference, though, most of the time—nobody will ever know they were involved.

Why would I hire a ghostwriter?

Because you don’t know where to begin, how to do it, or have the time. A good ghostwriter can normally get a project complete in four–six months.

Whether it is a short business e-book, a memoirs, or a factual book on the history of a shop – writing will take time, research, dedication, and commitment. Writing well is a specialised skill that a lot of people just don’t have the time to master – this is where a professional writing firm can help you.

People hire a ghostwriter to turn a rough idea into a complete, well written creative product.

How does a ghostwriter help me to write my book?

To begin, they will need to gather information. Telephone calls, video meetings and face-to-face sit-downs are normal. The amount of time needed will average between 10 and 30 hours – depending on the project. Following this information gathering stage, contact will normally continue but you will also want to leave a writer to do their professional work in private, while remaining contactable.

We will lead you through the projects development process – your job should be nothing more than talking and answering questions.

My life story would make an excellent book or film, can a ghostwriter help me?

Yes. Lots of people have had fascinating lives, and have been told ‘that would make a great book’. Biographies, autobiographies, or memoirs are among the most common things that we are asked to work on. Our writers will be able to identify the message at the heart of your story, while making sure the writing grips the attention of the reader.

I want to shop around, how do I find a professional?

Use the search engines to start with and change your term from ‘ghostwriter’ to ‘ghost writer’. ‘Find a ghostwriter’ and ‘ghostwriter services’ are also helpful key search terms. The business index websites can be helpful. Outside of these basic approaches, you can contact publishers or agents. They will be able to partner you with an author who can work as a writer for hire/ghostwriter, and one who they can depend on.

Can you help me sell my story as a book or film?

Yes and no. Once you get in contact with us and we run through your proposed idea together, we will offer you our opinion on the project and tell you whether we think it is a ‘go’ project. Some of the most surprising results come out of manuscripts that were naive enough to be submitted to a literary agent. Timing and persistence are important factors here – and if a project is submitted to an agent who happens to be looking for ‘that very thing’ at ‘that very time’, you will be happy you invested for the piece to be written professionally.

We will try our very best to help place the book into the market. Over the years we have positioned projects into the UK markets, as well as the US, Europe, and India. Publishing houses and literary agencies in the UK are easy to approach when submitting a manuscript. We can help with this.

Different projects find different homes in different markets. The publishing industry is refining itself with the rise of self-publishing, and as a result, new opportunities are presenting themselves. Sometimes an agent can be the key to unlocking the door while at other times, self-publishing may be the route to take. We can discuss all of these things one-to-one when we know the specifics of your project.

How much does it cost to hire a ghostwriter?

Please click here for a general price guide. The best thing to do is tell us what your budget range is.

How long does it take?

The majority of books take between 4 and 6 months to complete. This can change depending on the material we are given to get moving, the amount of research required, and the size of the project.

Which writer will I be working with at The London Ghostwriting Company?

This will depend on the kind of project you have. Our team of writers all have specific areas of expertise so we are able to partner every project with the most capable writer who is correct for you. It is also important that you get on well with the writer for hire who has been suggested, so Skype and 1–1 meets are normally arranged. Each enquiry that we receive is different, so each project is managed differently. Our writers are in high demand and are subject to availability so you may have to wait up to six months for them. Be prepared to enter terms and clear an invoice to retain services.

How do I know you are capable as my ghostwriter? What is your experience as a company?

Always request samples from your proposed ghost writer, go with recommendations, and I definitely suggest a Skype meeting. Feel free to ask the most difficult of questions during this meeting. If you are not filled with a sense of reliability, keep searching! It is important to remember that ghostwriters are ‘invisible’ and may not be in a legal position (due to Confidentiality Agreements) to send you any samples of their past works.

At The London Ghostwriting Company, we have written fiction and non-fiction for all kinds of people and from different nationalities and backgrounds. We do though, specialise in certain areas and will never take on a project which we are not well suited for.

A good ghostwriter will be able to write in different styles, tones, and genres – to deliver different messages and philosophies via different characters in different and changing atmospheres. Our team of creative writers can write from the descriptive and poetic to the direct and simple.

While some artists know how to make art with musical instruments or with paintbrushes, writers can create art with words. They have both the natural ability and have spent years mastering the writing craft. Writers know how to create drama and conflict with words, and this is key in keeping a reader hooked. Writers are word magicians and can help people feel when they read from a page, give them goose bumps, cry, focus in, laugh, love—and hate. Unlike many first time writers, we can guarantee to produce a standard that is of publishable quality and ready for UK literary agency submission.

All our writing work moves through professional copy editors, and proofreaders and will come to you with a professional finish.

How do I know you will fulfill your contract and finish my book?

It is important to sign a ‘writer for hire’ contract. In this contract, all of the specifics are mentioned regarding such responsibility issues. To put it simply, the ghostwriter is contracted to finish the book as you agree it and normally, by a certain date.

Can a ghostwriter use the work they have written but I have paid for?

In the ‘writer for hire agreement’, you will sign into an Ownership Rights clause which shall assign ownership and property rights of the intellectual property (the writing) to you.

What if there is a disagreement and the ghostwriter will not do what I want them to do?

You are paying for them to write what you want as best they can. They will upgrade and enhance your idea and this process will require clarity during conversation as well as flexibility from both parties.

What if I don’t like what my ghostwriter has done?

This is a rare occurrence due to the amount of time a client will spend with their ghostwriter during the pre-production and production of the book or film screenplay. However, during such circumstances, you will want to seek legal advice and approach the unique situation as advised.

Do I need to sign a contract?

With us – yes. Legally, you do not need to sign into a contract but there are great benefits to this and it can enhance, motivate, and lock in progress – helping to see things through from a deposit payment all the way to completion.

Are you a team of professional writers?

Our writers are all represented by independent agents. Luke Shipman is the Director of The London Ghostwriting Company and he is a member of the Society of Authors, the ALCS, and The Writer’s Guild. The London Ghostwriting Company is the trade name of Ghostwriter Services UK Ltd which is fully insured and we work with solicitors who specialise in media and copyright law. The service is fully professional. Luke Shipman has a masters degree in Scriptwriting at Goldsmiths College, University of London and has been working as a writer for hire for over thirteen years.

Are there different types of ghostwriters?

Yes, each writer will specialise in a certain kind of book and way of writing. Some are better at memoirs while others prefer to work on business e-books. Academic ghostwriting is particularly specific and you will want to confirm your ghostwriter for hire is able to work within the confines and formulas of academic writing – if you are employing them for academic work.

On the internet, I have found you in a few places. Are you London Ghostwriter or Ghostwriter UK. It’s a bit confusing. What is the history of your company?

On November 16th 2016, the business was incorporated as a limited company and Ghostwriter Services UK Ltd. now trades as The London Ghostwriting Company which is our brand name. The company number is 10482126 and our registered office is located at Acre House, 11-15 William Road, London, NW1 3ER. The Regent Street address listed is a business address for Ghostwriter Services UK Ltd. Please do not send any hard copy manuscripts to this address as they will not be read.