Ghostwriter Prices

Each unique project will demand different amounts of focus, research, intensity, and time. As a result, we quote changing amounts on a project-by-project basis. For a rough guide, see below:

1 hour – £90, 1 day – £400–£1500, 1 week – £1250–£4000

Your project will be categorised as a small, medium, or large piece of work, depending on the number of weeks or months we will need to invest in writing your book and to achieve the goal.

Small: £1000 – £8000

Medium: £8000 – £18,000

Large: £18,000 – £50,000

There is opportunity to negotiate prices via a royalty share of potential profits, or as ‘name as co-author’.

We charge £1000 a month as a minimum service retainer. This will involve miscellaneous writing work, e-mails on your behalf to relevant agencies and publishers, phone call consultations, and time for 1–1 meet ups on Skype or in person. This service is ideal for people whose projects are complete and do not wish to pay the day rate for continued work.

* New customers must be prepared to pay in advance for a day, week or months work after any meeting or consultation.