Mission Statement

True, This! — Beneath the rule of men entirely great. The pen is mightier than the sword. Behold

Mission Statement: To help develop an idea to become its unrealised potential by working with a person to provide unique guidance. This meaningful process helps nurture the evolution and the strengthening of its story future helping it to achieve quality and excellence. By combining a uniquely tailored editorial and development structure for each idea, we have the ability to guide forward whilst holding strong to the initial creative dream idea at any level of development. We accommodate new technology, keep our eye on shifting unknown markets and hold your hand forward into the various production and distribution environments.

The Idea

An empowered and resilient world that is morally committed to truth. Here an individual takes responsibility by choice and becomes a ‘steward to their assets’, where they dedicate their finite time left to the cultivation of disciplines that support manifestation of their unique potential.

Thus in respect of our own significance we are able to live a life of purpose by expressing our developed self through the mastery of the craft asset and influence society co-incidentally and without agenda as a result of our own development and inner mastery.

Company Mission

To champion and to support meaningful writings and media development which ushers art form away from the pleasure principle and into a mature and developed comprehension of mythos and logos. Discipline, dedication, practise and patience is our way. Faith that truth will out is our hope.

Values and Principles

Integrity in mission. Locating purpose through participation. Co-operation. Responsibility. Truth and the pursuit of it (no exceptions). We believe that art and the written word are powerful and must be understood, embraced and respected. We value them and we are here to help you understand the value in them.

We appreciate that what you have read here may feel intense, engaging and affecting but that’s how significant words are. What are yours?