Great screenwriters are visionary story architects.

We can work with you as scriptwriting consultants, provide screenplay reports and organise workshops and actor read-throughs for your story.

We can build your script into the right package for presentation to producers in UK film and Hollywood. We know what production companies will want to see and we will be able to draft all of the relevant documents accordingly. We can package your film so you can sell it.

Our scriptwriters have worked across the many genres of crime, romance, thriller, fantasy, horror, biopic, short film and TV drama. With an academic history of film theory we understand the design elements inside different story types.

The most commonly asked question we get about writing a screenplay is always the same: Is it harder than writing a book?

We have been commissioned to write screenplays for European, British and American film companies and have been reading, writing and studying film throughout our careers, developing projects from initial idea to pitch ready. We can help build your screenplay according to the confines of the format, genre and story-type you wish to explore.

Due to the nature of screenwriting and stage plays, stories transform across different phases of development, and so a writer or consultant can be brought on to a project at the different stages. We have structured our services for individuals and industry professionals to include:

Coverage Reports

A coverage report is up to four pages in length, and consists of three main sections. The first is the basic details; the writer, genre, page count, and log line. The second is a concise synopsis that covers the major plot points, and the third section is for feedback and critique. This feedback is vital in helping producers decide the script’s originality, commercial viability, and quality in relation to others of the same genre, which then informs their decision to read the actual script and greenlight it for development. Producers get dozens of script submissions a day, so in helping you develop your own report, we can put you in the best possible position to sell your script.

Headline Development Reports

While roughly the same length, this report is an expanded and more detailed feedback section.  This report’s function is to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the script, as well as areas that have potential to be developed further in subsequent drafts. While this process focuses predominantly on the creative aspect, we also take the commercial aspect into consideration and offer advice and feedback for how commercially and financially viable the project is, and how to improve this if need be. The final report will be a preview of the project’s potential, but it also serves as an assessment of your potential as a writer, so LGC will work with you to ensure your script is one everyone will want to read.

Standard Development Reports

This is the ultimate form of critique and feedback. We analyse your script in minute detail, multiple times, going through it with the proverbial fine-tooth comb until we are satisfied it has reached its full creative and commercial potential. Our analysis and decisive critique and advice on key issues will result in a tightly written, punchy script that will have readers hooked on page one.

Development Meetings

While written feedback is vital, sometimes a more personal touch can be more constructive. We offer 1:1 meetings, in person and online, allowing discussion between us and you to be more explorative and consonant from the outset. This two-way street is great for exploring common ground between consultant and writer. For example, if a point comes up regarding a creative decision, both parties can then discuss and brainstorm ways to ensure that decision comes across clearly. These open and honest discussions help build the bridge between writer and audience.

Meetings can be one-off catch ups or a scheduled series of face-to-face discussions, and while we will recommend what we think is best for the project, the decision is ultimately up to the writer.

In-depth Development Services

This service is best suited for companies and writers with external financial backing. In-depth development services is exactly how it sounds – the most in-depth, detailed and all-encompassing development process, starting from initial idea or pitch all the way to helping you sell your final draft for further development. We look at the script from its bare essentials upwards: the genre, and what audiences and producers alike expect from it, and where the script should conform or subvert those expectations. The narrative core at its centre, what it’s trying to say, and by that notion, its thematic resonance.

We cover it all, top to bottom, no stone left unturned, to guarantee the final draft is engaging, submission-ready and in its most exemplary form.

Screenwriting Services

At LGC, we also ghostwrite scripts on the client’s behalf using a system identical to our development process for fiction, which you can read more about here.

Have you already got a draft that just needs a final polish? We can provide script doctoring services for when you need that final push over the finish line. Get in touch today!