Our team can work with you as script consultants, provide screenplay reports, or organise script workshops or an actors read through for your movie screenplay. We can arrange your story into the right package for presentation to producers in UK Film and Hollywood. We know what production companies will want to see and we will be able to draft all of the relevant artefacts accordingly. We can package your film so you can sell it.

Our team have worked in the film genres of crime, romance, thriller, fantasy, horror, slasher, biopic, short film, and tv drama. We understand the design and theory inside the different story types. The most commonly asked question we get about writing a screenplay is always the same: Is it harder than writing a book?

Great screenwriters are visionary story architects.

We have been commissioned to write screenplays for European, British, and American film companies.

Scriptwriting Consultancy

Our team have been reading, writing and studying film screenplay through our entire careers. We have learnt about and studied the process of project development so we can help build your screenplay according to the confines of the format, genre and story-type that you wish to explore.

Due to the nature of screenwriting and stage plays, stories develop across different phases of ‘development’. Subsequently, a writer or consultant can be brought in at these different stages.

We have structured our services for individuals and industry professionals to include:

Coverage Reports

Headline Development Reports

Standard Development Reports

Development Meetings

In-depth Development Services

Screenwriting Services