Order and Chaos – Ghostwriter and Subject

Language takes chaos and brings it into form. It therefore articulates that which is vague and in the mind, and aligns the chaotic thought form into something that can be understood. When words are not pinned to things and they are unknown, all is chaotic and can quickly become ‘scary’ as it resides in the unknown to take on monstrous forms. But when words are attributed to objects, states of being and situations, alignment is brought forth and – as if the chaos that was ruling the psyche has now been alchemised—order is formed. We have Aha! and the Now I understand! moments of realisation. When something is not named, and exists in the unknown realm, the mind leads itself into disarray, because the imagination projects what become monsters onto what it sees. It grabs content from its visual archive and pins it onto a blank canvas.

People can spend years, decades, indeed their entire lives in these chaotic, unstable states of being, and a person lives in angst. If luck permits, such a person can catch a glimpse of order, and the opportunity to exit the chaos reveals itself. That would be the time to go for it, to start writing! Suddenly the inspiration to order what can now be observed as chaotic becomes necessary – but not everyone has the time, know how or linguistic intelligence to write an entire book. Furthermore, the concept of doing it well and doing it right and doing it just is too pressurising. The relationship between ghostwriter and subject is alchemical. It brings order out of chaos.

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