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Help for Writers Service

Do you need help writing your book? Have you got an idea for a book but you have grounded to a halt? Perhaps you have been told that ‘that would make a great book’ but you don’t know where to begin? Are you already at a certain stage of your book? Perhaps you have got it outlined in bullet points, or you have written the first three chapters, or ten thousand words?

A lot of the time, people have got to a certain ‘stage’ in their writing and have hit a block. This is where we can help mentor you through the process. Whether it’s a screenplay, a non-fiction book, or story, we have experience helping people through that final push.
One way we can help is by ‘workshopping’. We spend periods of hours, half or full days together. During this time, we can cover a lot of ground, discussing and talking through everything to do with your characters, the dramatic turning points you could develop further, the locations you are using—everything and anything. We set you ‘development goals’ in no different a way than we were taught in university and you check back with us having done your homework!

We work from a very simple formula that works because there are only two rules, i) Write 1000 words a day and ii) Do it every day.

Our job is to steer you forward and encourage you along to ‘get there’. As writers, we are well aware of how important it is that you get this book produced, and ideally—published.

This service is ideal for anyone who is struggling to push past a certain stage in their book or screenplay and cannot afford the high fees that ghostwriting demands, or more simply – you want to keep writing it yourself, you just need advice, motivation, and guidance through the final push by a professional who has been through what you are going through.

We sell blocks of 1 x hour sessions (£55 each). Click here for prices.