Established in 2012, The London Ghostwriting Company is a writing consultancy and ghostwriting company with a focus on project development, high quality and on getting you to market.

Bridging the gap between writers, the publishing industry and film development, LGC are well established as a leading supplier of ghostwritten content, working to provide authors, publishers and new writers with development solutions across genre, story type and format.

We are a small team of creatives who love working on different projects and developing ideas side by side with our clients. We understand narrative, character, theme and the ability of words to influence. Working closely with you on your vision is the raison d’être of our bespoke ghostwriting service.

Mission: To provide industry support for new writers and creative support for the industry. By supplying a tailored development process for any project, we push forward whilst holding strong to the initial creative concept, assisting people through the various production schedules and distribution environments. The aim of supporting a project to become its potential is our mission, pledge and intention.

Read our 10 Reasons page to understand why The London Ghostwriting Company exists and what part we play in the publishing world today.