True, This! — Beneath the rule of men entirely great. The pen is mightier than the sword.

Established in 2012 The London Ghostwriting Company is a literary consultancy and story development firm with a focus on development, on quality and on getting you to market.

Capable of bridging the gap between people, the publishing industry and film development, we provide a unique approach to story assessment and development with the aim of getting you the broadest global impact.

We are a small team of writers developing people’s ideas and their visions side by side with them. We understand narrative, character, theme, and the ability of words to influence. Working closely with you on your vision is the raison d’être of our bespoke creative service as we harness the power of words together.

“Contained within story are the universal principles we spend our lives searching for. Only when we stop and observe them do we see the wisdom contained, present within them. Only when these principles are conscious to us can we create new stories. Until we understand them we will repeat them in order to understand them. And this is why history repeats in our own lives and in the world.” — Luke Shipman.

Our Client Mission: To provide close guidance and unique industry support to help a project become its unrealised potential — this meaningful process accelerates the evolution of a project helping it to achieve its true power.

Our Pledge: By combining a tailored editorial and development support system for your project we will guide you forward whilst holding strong to your initial idea, joining in at any level of development. We will hold your hand forward into the various production and distribution environments.

Our Industry Mission: To provide authors, publishers and new writers with a professional team who can get behind an important endeavour and help drive it. We look for meaningful projects, ones that should be written, should be read and should be published.

Our Company Values and Beliefs:

  1. We believe that written words are powerful tools and must be understood, valued, mastered and respected.
  2. Ideas are like people. They all have potential. Sometimes this potential needs to be supported, nourished, developed. It may take a period of ten weeks to know its inherent unrealised potential and bring it to form. It may take a lifetime. It may not become realised within one’s own lifetime but every story idea has this potential. Trusting that it has is the job at hand and having faith in the process by demonstrating a commitment to it.
  3. There is nothing taboo about working with a ghostwriter, a mentor, a writing consultant. They may take the form of a story coach and this coach is much like a guide who knows the way up a mountain. It would be foolish to explore rocky terrain prematurely, without a map, without a friend.
  4. Because fiction and non-fiction imitate one another we work with you on both sides of the book coin. Our team are developed enough to handle the story you throw at us: it can all be dealt with by writers who understand the fundamentals of why life imitates art. And why art imitates life.
  5. All beliefs are a form of ignorance. There are simply thoughts, actions and consequences, and it is story which can teach us this.

Our Questions: What we read can be intense, engaging and affecting but that’s how powerful words are. What are your words? What are you saying? And why are you saying them?

For more information and LGC inspiration, read our 10 Reasons page to know why The London Ghostwriting Company exists, why this company means something and why we play a significant role in the publishing world today.