Mission Statement: To provide unique guidance and help a person develop an idea so it becomes its unrealised potential. This meaningful process helps nurture the evolution and the strengthening of its story future helping it to achieve quality and excellence. By combining a tailored editorial and development structure for each idea, we have the ability to guide forward whilst holding strong to the initial creative dream concept at any level of development. We accommodate new technology, keep our eye on shifting unknown markets and hold your hand forward into the various production and distribution environments.

The London Ghostwriting Company was formed from a creative place where the power of story and knowledge of the archetypes were central to its beginning. With a strong understanding of narrative and the ability of words to influence, developing peoples ideas and their visions in a mature and creative way became our method. A good ghostwriter is someone who is observant, intuitive, detailed, and creative and this is central to what we provide in order to understand your perspectives, and goals. If these goals are in accord with our values, we will work with you. Working closely with you on your story is therefore the raison d’être of our bespoke creative service. We aim to seek and create the right tone and language to fit your personality and  to make the piece yours. We are by all accounts a story building company.