We provide various literary demands across a wide number of subjects and genres into the diverse range of media platforms available. Story, structure and good writing remain central to our business.

Who are we? A team of published authors, scriptwriters, editors, journalists and illustrators who adhere to a holistic approach to development from the smallest to the greatest of literary requirements. We provide the full range of services, from copyediting a memoirs to writing your novel.

Our main focus and experience is to help you write your life story and we have years of experience in conducting the interviews and structuring autobiographical life journey into a memoirs format that is well organised, professional, well written, and meaningful. We work with different writers on different projects as is required. Please meet the core team below.

Luke Shipman is the founder of The London Ghostwriting Company. Ghostwriter, screenwriter and story consultant his career in media began editing video which taught him the fundamentals of structure and narrative. With an ability to shine as a wordsmith, he began to write books and screenplay as a writer for hire working for film companies, publishers and good old fashioned normal people. He has worked as lead writer, consultant and editor on hundreds of commissions for companies and people around the globe, advising one-to-one and in groups as a story mechanic.

Today, he works as project manager and agent at the company and is the go-to man to start your project. He works from his home in South London, studying the writings and moving image that support his company values of finding the true theme to any story. He likes mountains, real people, travelling with a backpack, martial arts, boxing, trading, thinking, and being what he is.

He studied film theory, has a BA in Film and Video and an MA in Scriptwriting. He teaches and hosts workshops on the power of thoughts, as well as reasons why craft helps a person to become physically strong and mentally developed.


Ashley Stokes is a ghostwriter, editor and author of Gigantic (Unsung Stories), The Syllabus of Errors and Touching the Starfish (Unthank Books). Accomplished in short as well as long-form storytelling, he has over thirty stories published in Black Static, BFS Horizons, The Lonely Crowd, Nightscript, and London Magazine, among others. His editorial experience includes over 900 projects for The Literary Consultancy. He has written reviews, features and copy, and as a ghost, novels and non-fiction. Founder of the Unthank School of Writing, he has taught creative writing from adult outreach to MA level for the University of East Anglia, Norwich University College of the Arts and the Open University. Educated at Oxford University and UEA, he achieved degrees in Modern History and Creative Writing. A writer of literary, comic, historical and weird-speculative fiction, he is interested in pretty much everything.

Ashley will work as lead writer or editorial consultant, providing story and editorial support, helping to ensure structure and flow. His role will involve contributing to research, fact-checking and stress-testing the material so to achieve its most powerful and emotive form. His knowledge of how to research historical periods and collect vivid social historical facts and details help provide any lead writer with the support they need to keep any project authentic, moving and evolving.

Ruth Learner is a writer and editor. Her published work includes non-fiction books, a novel, short stories, features and reviews. She taught for six years in Professional Writing and Editing programs for the RMIT University (Melbourne) and NMIT (Melbourne) and has a PhD in English Literature from La Trobe University.

Ruth’s professional editing experience spans more than twenty-five years. She works globally for clients in the UK, Europe, the US and Australia. She has worked closely editing fiction for trade publishers, ghost writers and literary agencies, as well as editing non-fiction for government, corporate and non-government organisations, and academic publishing.


Jacqueline Haigh has a seventeed-year career working as a professional writer and story consultant, and with a side-line vocation as a performer, she is an expert drama story consultant, able to re-engineer your creation whilst enhancing its drama and quality. Having written for film, TV, stage, radio and books, she is the brains when it comes to story design and structure. She has script-edited hundreds of films of every genre and for a variety of writers, directors and producers. She has written and directed award winning short film and stage plays and is currently in development on several young adult and children’s books, is co-writing an autobiography and working as ghostwriter on several memoirs projects. As a performer, she has worked with actors and directors in theatre and on screen. She particularly loves comedy and often performs in comedy shows and stand up. ​She has a BA Honours in English Literature, Oxford University and an MA in Scriptwriting, Goldsmiths College, University Of London, where she won the Olive Till Memorial bursary. Having taught scriptwriting for Film London, London Film Academy, and the University of Essex, Jacqueline is our Number 1 when it comes to anything screenplay. Her favourite genres include fantasy, comedy and British drama. With an encyclopaedic knowledge of anything spiritual, mystical, conspiratorial and all things magic, Jacqueline is our go-to girl if your story takes place in a galaxy far far away!

Dean Shanson is a New York Times and Businessweek bestselling ghostwriter, journalist and editor. Specializing in business books, his skills have enabled executives to build personal brands, helped marketing gurus empower entrepreneurs, and allowed professional speakers to multiply their incomes with clear and effective information products. Born in London, Dean has lived in China, Israel and the US. After working as an in-house writer for a museum and an Internet company, Dean began accepting ghostwriting projects in 2001 while serving as the US correspondent for a UK-based trade finance publication. In addition to developing a 40-page ebook into a New York Times bestseller, Dean has also seen works he’s ghostwritten taught on MBA courses and re-commissioned into a third edition. Today, Dean is happy to help successful entrepreneurs, business leaders and others turn their ideas and experiences into books that tell their stories and communicate their ideas clearly and in their own voice.