The London Ghostwriting Company provides editorial, developmental and ghostwriting services for new and established authors. Our team of experienced writers, editors, and researchers help individuals, families and companies through every stage of a project. We are story specialists working as editors, consultants, co-authors and ghostwriters.

We provide mentoring services as literary consultants, scriptwriting for film and television, and we build print-ready manuscripts and proposals for writers submitting to agents and publishers. Please visit our writing services page for a detailed breakdown of all our publishing services. We love what we do and understand the power of story, of narrative, of the creative process. Our pens are ready to help you speak and write. We just need your story. Your Story, Your Book.

What is the ghostwriting service? Will I need an agent? How much will it cost? Will you help me publish? How will the writing collaboration work? What are the next steps? Visit the Ghostwriter FAQ for key info and follow us through our links below for posts, updates and all things ghostwriting.

Mission: To provide industry support for new writers and creative support for the industry. By supplying a tailored development process for any project, we push forward whilst holding strong to the initial creative concept, assisting people through the various production schedules and distribution environments. Supporting a project to become its unrealised potential is our mission, pledge and intention.

If you don’t know where to begin and want help from an experienced team of experts, write to us today. For all enquiries, visit our Contact page.