Business Writing

We can write white papers, LinkedIn articles, content and books as business ghostwriters.

A book can be a tremendous asset for a business or entrepreneur. They can enhance and professionalise entire orginisations. For this reason, ghostwriting has become a common service within the corporate world. Our ghostwriters have experience working with top professionals, new startups, and established founders. We can craft professional and formal written work appropriate for all business purposes and contexts, tailored exactly to your company’s needs. Industry-leading company directors have vision and story but they will need a ghostwriter to combine their message with the right amount of corporate biography and family history. To boost your profile, create something commercially lucrative or share the company history we follow this process with our business clients:

The Process

1. Contact us with as much information as you can. What is the book? Who are you? What is your business? What is the reason for commissioning this title? Send us your links!

2. You will meet us for a 1:1 to unpack your story, brainstorm and zero in on what the message of the book is and what your publishing goals are.

3. Once we’re in contract you will start discussions with your assigned ghostwriter. Meetings will take place in London or via Teams. Our ghostwriters will need to record all meetings. You may have a pile of notes and related documents or even a first draft of the book which we’ll want to spend time with as part of us integrating into the process.

4. Gradually, the first draft proposal or skeleton will begin to materialise but the main focus will be on agreeing a sample chapter style, so the goal will be about presenting back to you a trial chapter. This style needs to communicate your mission to the reader in tone. Until we understand you and your mission we won’t take the work on.

5. When you agree the sample chapter writing is aligned with your personality and business we will continue to produce the rest of the text. During this process you will be expected to make time for interviews online or in person.

6. When the first draft text has been delivered you will want to add notes and comments throughout. During this time, we will be running ‘editorials’ in-house and the ghostwriter will then be delivered two manuscripts – the one with your notes and the one with ours. Your ghost will then integrate this content to produce a second draft which again will come back to us for our second round of editorials, proofreading and packaging. This process repeats somewhat but eventually we will have all items for your review as we begin submissions.

7. During the submissions phase we will continue to run proofreads over the ‘submission-ready’ text so as to ensure we deliver back a ‘print-ready’ manuscript and proposal to you. If we are unsuccessful in partnering you with any agent or securing you a publishing contract you will have the items you need to self-publish either with us, through our self-publishing contacts or privately. If your book is self-published we will continue to submit the work and introduce you as a new author to our contacts in publishing who – on the back of a successful self-publishing campaign may wish to offer you a publishing contract. Entrepreneurs often choose to self-publish their business titles when they often want to retain their profits and control the process of design and production.

During this above process, LGC will represent you formally and provide our support as publishing consultants, offering close guidance at every stage and into the launch.