Once a manuscript is ready for submission, we will prepare all the key documents for this process and support you during submissions to agents and publishing houses. We will draw from our contacts within the trade and do our best to support you as we move forward into the market.

Priority will be given to those who fill out all of the information requested. The questions are there to help us help you. Your enquiry does not need to be well crafted, we just need to get the essence of your story.

If you have had a look around the website you will know that we are a small team and selective about the projects we take on for development. The small number of clients we are able to collaborate with are selected from among the large number of enquiries we receive.

Our intention is to see a project through to the market. As a book, it will therefore need to be right for us and it will need to reflect and support our company values and principles. Above all, it will need to have a reason to exist and to be read.