Our Work

We write non-fiction, memoirs, novels, scripts, letters if we must, articles, essays and graphic works across all shades and genres but we write them without credit. Nevertheless, we have listed some of the work we are permitted to display below. Prospective clients will be sent our in-house Memoirs, Novel or Non-Fiction portfolio or directed to samples specifically relevant to their project.

The below samples comprise of published books ghostwritten by LGC, manuscripts currently in submission and works we have co-written or edited. Some links simply reference works by LGC writers that have been published. This page links to extracts on the site or as pdfs, as well as external links to bookshops where complete works are available to purchase.

From Beirut Baby by April McKenna, 2020, Memoirs

From Falling Story by N.C. Fortune, 2020, Horror Fiction

From Little Ears by Zaman, M., 2020, YA Fiction

From The Intervention by Stephanie Baloche, 2019, Fiction, Paranormal

From Monsoon City by Anonymous, 2023, Fiction, Thriller

From 72 Years by Meyer, H., Troubador, 2018, Memoirs

From Hippo: The Human Focused Digital Book by Pete Trainor, Independently Published. 2016, Non-Fiction

From Confessions of a King’s Road Cowboy by Johnny Cigarini, Matador, 2014, Memoirs

Link to Apartment C by Ruth Learner, Kings Hart Books, 2008, Novel, Fiction

Link to Samuel Beckett’s Legacies in American Fiction by James Baxter, Palgrave, 2021, Non Fiction

Link to Misadventures in Mature Dating by Audrey Lindt and Jacqueline Haigh, 2018, Memoirs

Link to Confessions of a King’s Road Cowboy by Johnny Cigarini with Luke Shipman, Matador, 2014, Memoirs

Link to The World of Wolf Hall by Sam Binnie, 4th Estate, 2019, Reading Guide

Link to Journeymen by Mark Turley, Pitch, 2014, Sports