We produce print-ready manuscripts for agent submissions, publishing houses and self publication. Please find below some key information about these options.

Due to our background in publishing as a firm and our desire to move projects into the market for you, we aim to team up early with the right agent, publishing house or self-publishing firm. LGC are a significant partner to the creative supply chain, getting behind a project and driving it forward from your initial idea to the bookshelves.

We are also in the process of establishing ourselves as a publishing house. LGC PRESS will publish fiction and non-fiction for clients of The London Ghostwriting Company. For all clients enquiring after January 2023 you will be considered as one of our clients who we represent formally in the marketplace and will be invited to be part of our launch slate.

Submissions for Agents and Publishers

Once a manuscript is ready for submission, we will prepare all the key documents for this process and support you during submissions to agents and publishing houses. We will draw from our contacts within the trade and do our best to support you as we move forward into the market. Our writer for hire agreement will detail our royalty share in your project motivating us to work your project into the scene. We will want to get your book in shops as much as you do.

If you have had a look around the website you will know that we are a small team and selective about the projects we take on for development. The number of clients we are able to collaborate with are selected from among the large number of enquiries we receive.

With our enquiry form, priority will be given to those who fill out all of the information requested. The questions are there to help us help you. Your enquiry does not need to be well crafted, we just need to get the essence of your story.


Our goal will be to secure you a publishing deal. We want to see your book go through the traditional system and have the backing of an agent and a publishing contract. Nevertheless some projects just don’t find a home and some books – especially business titles belong to the big self publishers.

For self-publishing, we choose to ally ourselves with independent publishing companies who operate in similar ways to traditional publishers. Such companies offer tailored approaches, allowing them to operate outside the confines of the traditional publishing industry while maintaining top standards. These ‘hybrid’ companies will produce your book as well as (even often better than) any traditional publisher. Exceptionally there are some top self-publishing companies like Matador who we recommend as they adhere to a publisher-standard design process.

Authors, Agents and Publishers

Sometimes, our clients are literary agents or publishers who need support on certain projects. Occasionally new writers or established authors come to us via their own agent or publisher if they have agreed to write a book for them and are in need of support in fulfilling their contract.