Writing Services

Our services range from consultation, to adaptation, to heavy editorial and revision, through to the planning, writing and polishing of new work.

We are a closed book. No-one will ever know that your work was ghostwritten, or edited by us, though exceptionally you may decide to co-author – an approach that suits some projects more than others, and potentially increases the publication prospects of a project.

The success of the service is contingent on how well tailored it is for each client’s needs from the outset and as the project progresses. We understand the value of the writer–client relationship and aim to establish this relationship early. It is essential that these fundamentals are right before proceeding, so we can confidently meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. We do not contract and provide our services unless we know we can service the work, and unless we believe we’ll be able to get it into the market. If we work with you it is because we believe in your project.

We approach new jobs creatively and with flexibility. There are few limits to the work we consider undertaking, and we are always open to establishing new ways of collaborating and presenting projects, especially when embracing niche and unusual subjects. Please review our services below: