Everyone can do it, it’s just some people can do it better than others! At The London Ghostwriting Company, we pride ourselves on being able to work as ghostwriters of memoirs – where a combination of writing and people skills are required but we are also available to help out in all the other ways: like speech writing, and letter writing.

Ghostwriting is the writing of books, screenplays, or other texts that are credited to another. Our writers have worked as ghostwriters and co-authors on fiction, autobiographies, memoirs, and non-fiction. We have writers who specialise in children’s books, and business books.

Scriptwriting is the art of writing for media such as film, theatre, and television. With backgrounds in screenwriting, our writers can be brought onto projects as scriptwriting consultants. We also have expert copywriters, so we can oversee content for websites, blogs, and articles. We can work for you as a letter writer and as a proofreader and copy editor.

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