Writing Services

Rewrite or re-draft? Copyedit or proofread? Do I need a synopsis? An agent? A proposal? A ghost writer? What is the difference between ghostwriting, co-writing and developmental editing?! For an accessible and brief outline of our services please read through the descriptions below and click the links for more information. Often books need a combination of services and lines are regularly blurred during development. Our services range from consultation to heavy editorials and packaging of written work that is ready for submission, through to the planning, creation and writing of new work.

We approach each piece of text with care and flexibility. There are few limits to the work we consider undertaking, and we are open to establishing new ways of collaborating on projects, especially when embracing niche and unusual subjects.

Ghostwriting: We are leading industry professionals ready to join you at any stage. First idea or first draft? No one will ever know your work was ghostwritten. We are a closed book. Though, exceptionally you may decide to co-author – an approach that can increase the publication prospects of a project.

Editorials: Our thorough editorials system ensures a submission of print-ready text with CIEP Advanced Professionals on board for any development edit, line-edit, copyedit or proofread.

Scriptwriting: Industry standard film screenplay and bible documents with top professionals – we have been reading, writing and studying film throughout our careers, developing projects from initial idea through to pitch-ready treatments. We can help build your screenplay to the confines of the format, genre and story type you wish to explore.

Proposals: We provide our clients with proposals and treatments we know agents and publishers want to read. For new writers, it can be difficult to gauge how short a pitch should be, how dense the chapter synopsis should read and what details to include in an outline, or how to write a logline. Our writers, ghost writers and editors have experience shaping these essential documents with the right balance of synopsis and panache.

Business Writing: For business books and business writing for the corporate world ghostwriting has become a common service. Our ghostwriters have experience working with top professionals, new startups and established founders. Industry-leading company directors have vision and story but they often need a ghost writer to combine their message with the right amount of corporate biography and family history.

Memoirs: Should I change his name? Should I kiss and tell? What happens if my mother reads it? Memoir writing often requires mentoring and editorial support from a writer who has experience leading new authors through a transformational and confessional autobiographical process. Recalling memory and intellectualising the past can often require the support of an experienced professional who can help a new writer navigate forward and break through chapters.

Non-Fiction: Convincing non-fiction often combines the philosophical and the political with the accessible and new writers often get stuck in dense and heavy commentary that will benefit from our assessment and editorials system of review. Depending on your publishing goals we will help re-draft, package or ghost your non-fiction or history book.

Fiction: We are writers with a passion for creating drama through a practical understanding of what forms conflict, and how to bring into effect its resolution with compelling prose. With a love for literature and the literary tradition, we are both readers and creative writers who can theorise, analyse and critique and we therefore combine the academic with the creative.

Sports Writing: Autobiographies, Biographies, Memoirs and Journalism for sport and sports personalities is an enduring focus for both literature and film. We work with bestselling ghostwriters who have decades writing in this gripping and significant writing category which is one of the most popular for readers.

Copywriting: Experienced writers providing copy for your company and product.

Consultancy: One-to-one discussions with published authors, academics, journalists, scriptwriters, editors and some of the most sought after ghost writers in the industry.

Academic Services: Our team of experts provide guidance at all levels to assist in your academic journey.

Letter Writing: Often the most important of written forms gets overlooked. It can be a cover letter to a publisher or a business dispute – successful letter writing is often the result of a strong editorial and the result of this second pair of eyes. An editor with a high understanding of the English language should always be considered when it is time to write an important letter.

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