‘First of all, writing gives the mind a disciplined
means of expression. It allows one to record events and experiences so that
they can be easily recalled, and relived in the future. It is a way to analyze
and understand experiences, a self-communication that brings order to
them.’ Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Crafting convincing non-fiction can be an intimidating process. It requires an exhausting amount of research and expertise in a chosen subject, often combining the empirical and the philosophical with the political in order to deliver information with your unique insight. New writers can get caught up in that vast volume of information and dense writing that accompanies it, so benefit from our assessments and editorials system. We offer valuable feedback and critique to help create well-informed, unique and streamlined non-fiction. Depending on your publishing goals we will help re-draft, package or ghost your non-fiction or history book to ensure it reaches its potential.

The Process

1. Brief us with the project and send us everything you have. As ever, our job will be to establish early what the book is and as we discuss your publishing goals, it will be about understanding where we are taking it, where we are leading you.

2. As discussions and meetings take place, we’ll find model books that support the project. We will start to build an outline and trial some sample writing.

3. The first main goal will be to submit a strong proposal with two to three working sample chapters. As you and your ghost continue the writing, we will begin to submit the proposal for you to agents and publishers. We will start talks with our friends in the industry, briefing them about your project and taking advice on how to shape it.

4. It can take years for the book to get to the stage you are happy with but a business book or thought leadership title is easier to write than a history book or political piece of non-fiction. The type of book you envisage and your budget will determine what ghostwriter we assign as lead-writer, how long the project will take, the editorial team and general process.

With non-fiction titles that are aiming high, we bring specialist consultants onboard as many of these projects are produced for the commercial market. We work with academics and journalists who have experience on key topics and this extra knowledge is all accessible through us. Non-fiction titles can be some of the most challenging, as tone and delivery will make or break a title but with workshops, re-writes and our editorials system we endeavour to help write our clients strong non-fiction with memorable analysis that separates the wheat from the chaff on important topics and subjects.