Academic Services

La Scuola di Atene. D.R.

We provide consultancy and editorial services at all academic levels to help ensure your work is well-crafted and written for an academic context.

Mentoring: Our expert team can guide you on your academic journey, setting realistic research and writing goals, and providing a valuable critical eye to help bring your project to the next level. 

Editorial Services: We offer developmental notes, as well as structural and line editing services to provide a final polish to your academic prose and ensure that you have a first-rate project.

Funding Proposals: With an inside knowledge of the academic market, we can provide valuable assistance for funding applications, from short term grants to competitive international scholarships. 

PhD conversions: We can help you to adapt your thesis or essay into a non-fiction book ensuring your research will be expressed in an accessible and professional non-fiction format for the commercial market.

The jobs that we service as academics will be subject to a case-by-case review. As researchers and thinkers of all stripes we are highly conscious of plagiarism. We are not an essay mill and do not work as academic ghosts for hire. Please fill in our enquiry form initially.