Writer – Old English wrītan ‘score, form (letters) by carving, write’; of Germanic origin, related to German reissen ‘sketch, drag’.

Ghost – Old English gāst (‘spirit, soul’), of Germanic origin.

Ghostwriting is a form of writing that has been created by someone in an undisclosed fashion. Ghostwriters are ‘invisible’ and not credited as the author.

A person would normally employ a ghostwriter (or ‘ghost writer’) to help them write their book, but there are no restrictions on what can be ghostwritten. It can include film screenplays, stage plays, letter writing, musical compositions and essays.

Hiring a ghostwriter is like hiring a coach. It is not cheating and should be a form of co-writing. It is a way of professionally actualising your idea and learning at the same time. Often our clients will write their second book on their own and work with us as editor. A mentor, writing consultant, or story coach can lead you through a process that would normally take many years, or decades to navigate, and the clock is often ticking, life is short and there are stories to tell…

Why would you hire a ghostwriter? Because you don’t know where to begin, how to do it and don’t have the time.

Our team of writers have worked on novels, memoirs, screenplays and non-fiction books as ghostwriters. Whatever your project is, pitch the story to us at our Contact page.

With memoirs and autobiographies, we work closely with our clients in order to understand their perspectives, thoughts and feelings – in order to seek out and create the right tone and language to fit their personality. It requires time, patience and an attuned understanding of an individual in order to find this voice. Only that will make the piece their own. Sometimes, people have not found their unique voice, or don’t know how to voice a book while writing. We can help with this too. A good ghostwriter is someone who is observant, intuitive, detailed and creative. They are able to practise active listening.

Due to the nature of ghostwriting, most of our work cannot be listed but we can send you samples privately. Please also see our samples page for examples of our work and visit the Ghostwriter FAQ for more info on this service as well as our Ghostwriter Service page for info on the typical process.

For writers looking to train and work in this field, our Ghostwriting Course is a yearly event with limited places.