Copywriting Services

Professional copywriting services remain an essential tool for any business to leverage. The goal of a copywriter is to create words, and to arrange those words into such an order that the reader finds the sentences appealing—and that they want to take action.

A professional copywriter can help you draft important written content for your website, adverts, articles, personal statements and letters. Due to the variety involved in this occupation, a professional copywriter is capable of working on a broad number of subjects to help you market a business or product. A copywriter can be brought onto a project from the very beginning or be commissioned to review the work once it has been written to a certain standard.

Due to our varied experience, and our ability to research and comprehend new information and concepts at speed, we can shape your thoughts and ideas into a format that is readable, professional and written in a way for your business that is relevant—so the reader then takes action.

Copywriting needs the right ‘tone of voice’ and structure to match the style of your business service and to catch the attention of a prospective customer—and we can help with this. The majority of copy work will take one of two forms: Articles and Blogs and Social Media Content Creation.

Articles and Blogs: Regular, fresh updates on your website are crucial. Authentic and genuine writing has become essential for search engine optimisation (SEO), and the better quality writing you are able to publish, the more Google rewards this, as reflected with a higher Google ranking. This then makes your website easier to find on search engines. An investment into advertising the core message of your business in a professional way, taking into account SEO, is rewarded by optimal search engine ranking and traffic.

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Social Media Content Creation: We can help with social media content and strategy, mostly by creating any relevant timely content. We can also ‘set up’ and initially manage, by taking over an account. Here it can be important to choose which platforms to harness, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram

We are experienced in writing WordPress websites. We work in collaboration with specialists for IT support and companies who offer expert social media and SEO advice. If you have requests for web hosting, or an SEO campaign, we can arrange introductions with some of the most sought after SEO professionals who can rank you on page 1 of Google.

For writers – copywriting can be seen as one of the first stones a writer will step on in their career journey and even the great crime and detective novelist Dashiell Hammett worked as a copywriter… James Patterson too, and William S. Burroughs!

The prerequisite for quality writing continues on and it is only in recent years that blogs and articles have been front lined for the freelance writer and as the internet grows, the way the internet demands that businesses publish ‘quality’ writing will further spread. The internet supports well written quality and interesting content – and so good writing, not filler, is more necessary today than ever.