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Welcome to The London Ghostwriting Company, a leading UK ghostwriting and editorials company. We provide editing and ghostwriting services for writers, new and established authors, agents and publishers. Est. 2016.

Who are we? We are story specialists, editors, consultants, co-authors and professional ghostwriters working to support our clients through every stage of a project, from the heart of the UK. Our business is books, and above all else good stories so we provide the full range of writing services for customers inside and outside the trade.

Business blockbuster or literary memoir? Film screenplay or celebrity autobiography? Fiction novel or narrative non-fiction? Our pens are at the ready … we just need your story … Your Story, Your Book.

Enquire here today! We’ll assess your project, meet, build a plan, price the support and assign the writing team. We’ll workshop, interview and develop an outline and start writing and keep editing until the text is print-ready in final draft. We’ll shortlist suitable agents and publishers for the project and begin submissions and have a whole load of fun. Visit the How It Works for a more detailed guide to the ghostwriting process.

Ghostwriting and Editorials

What makes The London Ghostwriting Company different from its competitors? What truly separates us from other ghostwriting services?

Skrifmaskin, Elliot-Fishers maskin för skrifning i bok, Nordisk familjebokWe are a dynamic team of experienced professionals who are well and truly plugged into all areas of the writing and publishing scene. With our network of contacts we can source and bring on board everything your project needs, whether a specific type of writer, the right industry feedback or expertise on a certain subject. We know what literary agents to submit to and how. What separates us from the rest is our team effort and your participation in it. We bring you into the creative process of workshops and meetings and meaningful conversations. We are not just an online company; we are a lively and lovely bunch of folks who you will get to know. And we won’t leave you after the book is finished .. we provide ongoing support through the submissions and the publishing process so you are not lost at sea after your project is complete.

If you don’t know where to begin and want help from an anonymous team, write through today, we develop projects side-by-side with our clients to make sure their vision makes it to the page. We understand the power of story, the ability of words to influence, the creative process and we have the experience to conduct life story interviews – leading clients through the events and the memories and transforming the discussions into meaningful books.

What is a ghostwriter? What is the ghostwriting service? Will I need an agent? Will you help me publish my book? How does the writing collaboration work? What is the cost of hiring a ghostwriter? What are the next steps? Visit our Ghostwriter FAQ for key info and follow us at our links below for posts, updates and all things ghostwriting. Looking to work as a ghostwriter? Visit our careers page.

We provide mentoring services as literary consultants, scriptwriting services for film and television, and we build proposals for writers submitting to agents and publishers. Please visit our writing services for a breakdown to all of our ghostwriting and editorial services and other ways we assist writers and publishers in the UK and abroad.

Mission: To provide industry support for new writers and creative support for the industry. By supplying a tailored development process for any project, we push forward whilst holding strong to the initial creative concept, assisting people through the various production schedules and distribution environments. Supporting a project to become its unrealised potential is our mission, pledge and intention.

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